Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants services offered in Brandon, FL

You don’t have to live with missing or severely damaged permanent teeth. At Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Brandon, Florida, family dentist M. Goodarzi, DMD, and his exceptional staff offer dental implants to anchor artificial teeth and eliminate any gaps. Call the office to learn more or use the online booking tab today.

Dental Implants Q&A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of sturdy materials. They anchor crowns, bridges, or dentures to replace missing or extracted permanent teeth. Dental implants and the teeth they support look, function, and feel like natural teeth. 

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers implant placement and restoration in-house or via referrals, depending on your unique situation.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Some of the main benefits you can expect when choosing dental implants at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry include:

  • Fully functional smile
  • Beautiful, natural-looking teeth
  • No more gaps
  • Less adjacent teeth shifting
  • Clearer speech
  • Easier chewing
  • Better overall quality of life

Dental implants are long-lasting, strong, and natural-looking. They offer superior results that can help you gain confidence in your smile.

Are dental implants right for me?

You might need dental implants if you have gum disease, tooth trauma, or tooth decay. To find out if you’re a candidate for the procedure, your Family & Cosmetic Dentistry specialist reviews your symptoms, oral health history, and medication regimen. They take dental X-rays and examine your gums and teeth before tailoring a personalized cosmetic dental treatment plan.

If you have weak or too little jaw bone at the treatment site, you might first need bone grafting. In the case of severely decayed, damaged, or infected teeth, your dentist may complete tooth extraction before dental implant placement. 

What should I expect when receiving dental implants?

When having dental implants placed in your jaw bone, a Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provider numbs the treatment area to ensure you avoid discomfort. They also offer you a sedative to help you fall asleep or relax.

Your dentist makes a very small incision and inserts dental implants into your jawbone during a simple procedure. 

After a period of healing, they digitally scan your mouth, allowing a dental lab to develop custom-fitted dentures, bridges, or crowns. When the new teeth are ready, your Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provider makes sure they fit comfortably before securely bonding them to the dental implants.

How can I take good care of my dental implants?

Take good care of your new dental implants by flossing daily, brushing your teeth after meals, and not chewing on ice or other hard objects. Call the Family & Cosmetic Dentistry office if your new teeth get damaged and see your provider at least every six months for dental cleanings and exams.

To find out if dental implants are right for you, call the Family & Cosmetic Dentistry office or schedule an appointment online today.