Essix Aligner

Essix Aligner

Retainers allow for your teeth to be stabilized in the same position. The Essix Aligner may be the right choice for you because not only is it removable, but is also a virtually invisible plastic device. Gone are the days where you have to have a metal wire retainer on all of the time and are embarrassed to smile. Since retainers are meant to be worn forever, a clear, almost invisible alternative could be the solution for you! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Goodarzi to see if this is the best retainer solution to stabilize your teeth.

However, if you do not continue to wear your retainer there is a possibility that your teeth may shift and you may need to be retreated to straighten them again. If you miss a few nights of wearing your retainer then wear the retainer full time. Even though the teeth may be a little sore your teeth should be able to realign. If not, make an appointment immediately to see Dr. Goodarzi to correct the problem as quickly as possible to realign your teeth. The office will go over all of the retainer maintenance requirements. Once you have an Essix Aligner please bring the retainer to all of your future dentist visits as well.

Along with being used as a retainer the Essix Aligner has several dental uses including: stabilization, tooth movement, bridges, bite planes, fluoride and bleaching trays, and TMJ relief. These uses can also be discussed with Dr. Goodarzi.


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